Top Ten Songs on Repeat…

Lately I’ve been thinking since I listen to new/ old music daily I would make up a list of my top ten songs I have on repeat. Usually weekly I change my list with the same songs from the week before and some new ones. Here goes nothing and enjoy! 🙂

1. I’m not that much of a Lana del Ray fan, but I just discovered this one song of hers and I’m obsessed. Off of her album “Honeymoon” released in September 2015. My first pick is “High By The Beach”. As I am back to the 9-5 grind today all I want to do is get high by the beach…

2. My second choice is yet another older song. I just recently started listening to Youth Lagoon because of this song. It’s “Afternoon” off of their September 2011 album “The Year of Hibernation”.

3. My third pick is Misun’s Superstitions. It’s a song from 2014. It’s just a nice song to listen to in the summertime. It makes me want to listen and look through a kaleidoscope.


4. My fourth pick is something new from 2016! It’s Preoccupations “Degraded”. They’re formally known as Viet Cong. I love this song, to me it has a Joy Division sound to it and I love that.

5. Okay, back to an older song! My fifth choice is another song I think has a summery vibe to it. It’s Blood Diamonds “Phone Sex” feat. My girl Grimes. Off of Blood Diamonds 2013 album “Azari & III Presents- Body Language VOl. 13.”

6. My sixth choice is from my current favorite band, Glass Animals. I’m so excited to say that I will be seeing them at Terminal 5 in NYC in November! This is their newly released single off their new album “How to be a Human Being” dropping August 26! This is “Youth”.

7. For my seventh choice I again chose an older song. I was listening to Jason Schwartzman hosting his show Coconut Radio on Sirius XMU and he introduced me to this song. I just love the sound of this song. So thank you Sirius XMU and thank you Jason Schwartzman. This is “America’s Boy” by Broadcast off their 2005 album Tender Buttons.

8. My eighth choice is a song I feel is a feel-good, driving to work hoping the day goes fast and smooth kinda song. It’s Atlas Sound’s “Walkabout” feat. Noah Lennox. Off of their 2009 album Logos.

9. For my ninth choice I went with “Brothers” by Tanlines off of their 2012 album Mixed Emotions. This is another one of those feel good, driving to work kinda tunes.

10. Last but not least, my last choice. I have been listening to Interpol’s “Turn on the Bright Lights” a lot lately and this is one of the songs I have on repeat. “Obstacle 2”.

Hope you enjoy my list!!


Top Ten Songs On Repeat- Week 3

This has been a really nice week for music! I had a lot of choices to choose from. I’ll start with the one song from my list I literally played about 7 times in a row when I discovered it.

1. Tryouts for the Human Race- Sparks. Sparks is a disco/ synthpop/ electronica band from the late ’70’s. This song just makes me wish I was old enough to have gone to Studio 54 and partied to it. As soon as I heard it I wanted to get up and dance! Unfortunately, I was driving but that didn’t stop me when I got home! I immediately blasted it and danced away! Hope you have fun too! 

2.  This song has been in my head all week and I can’t seem to stop listening to it either. Off Flaming Lips tenth album “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” released in 2002, “Do You Realize?” 

3. I didn’t know Erykah Badu did a cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and I am really happy that I know now because it’s so great! Off her 2015 album “But You Can’t Use My Phone” it’s Cel U Lar Device. 

4. When I heard this song “Right/Wrong” by Night Beats, I immediately thought it sounded like the Animals meets the Raconteurs and I love it! Off Night Beats 2016 album, “Who Sold My Generation”. 

5. These next two songs are from electronic/ synthpop new band “Promises Ltd.” I love anything with synth and I am totally loving Promises Ltd. This is “American Eyes” followed by “Days of Lavender” 

6. Promises Ltd.- Days of Lavendar 

7. I am totally loving this new song by Saltwater Sun, “Habit on My Mind”. 

8. From the “Beach Fossils” bassist, John Pena’s side project, Heavenly BeatMessiah” is off of the newly released album, Talent. I  love how this song opens with a 90’s sounding beat and mellows out, perfect. 

9. This song is definitely different then the others on this list. It’s a song for the poolside or beach and has more of a house sound to it. It’s “Waiata” feat. SDY from Sterkøl & Renko

10. Lastly, one last synth song. Z is the 2014 album from SZA, this song is Julia

Top Ten Songs on Repeat- Week 2

I developed another Top Ten Songs On Repeat. This week I feel is a different kind of mix, I was feeling multiple emotions this week I guess! Hope you enjoy! 

1. I just discovered this band “Declaire”. They are so new you can barely find them on the Internet! I loved the sound of this song, it made me want to get up and go! Here’s “Tribe”.

2. For my second choice I chose “Two Feet- Go Fuck Yourself” the title is what really grabbed me after I heard it I loved it!! It’s definitely a different sound than I normally hear. It’s got a mix of blues and electronic that sounds amazing!  

3. Since I’m still on a “Youth Lagoon” kick I decided I would add another one of their songs to this weeks list. The title is just too perfect for the song. Here’s “Daydream” off of their album I posted about last week, “A Year in Hibernation”. 

4. For my fourth pick I went with more synth pop since that seems to be my go-to these days. This song reminds me of something out of the 80’s. For some reason, “Video Killed the Radio star” by “The Buggles” comes to mind. This is “I Want You” by Summer Camp off of their 2011 album “Welcome to the Condale”. After I heard this song I looked Summer Camp up and was pleased to find out they’re actually a married duo Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley from England. 

5. Get ready to dance and enjoy the weekend with this song. This song takes me back to the 90’s, my favorite! Here’s “Saturday Love” by Zimmer & Pallace. I’m totally feeling this song and hope it brings on the weekend even sooner! 

6. For this one I chose Kygo’s song “Raging” feat. Kodaline off his new album “Cloud Nine”. I normally wouldn’t be drawn to a song like this but my husbands been working a lot lately, we miss each other and this song just captures how we’ve been feeling. 

7. When I first heard this song I knew it would be something I’d listen to on repeat and it 100% is! It’s London based artist, ABRA’s new song “Vegas” off her new album “Princess”. Again, I love the 80’s vibe this song has.

8. I heard this song on Sirius XM’s Download 15, and love it! This is Australian band Jagwar Ma latest song “OB 1”. 

9. The beginning beat of this song made it good enough to be on this list and my repeating playlist! It’s LA based duo Poolside with “And the Sea”. Definitely a summer tune for the beach! 

10. Lastly, another “daytime disco” song for you, it’s Peseus “Seychelles”. If you like daytime disco + Toni Braxton then this song is definitely for you!

Casually Put Together

Casually Put Together

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TBT: Beverly Hills, 90210

TBT: Beverly Hills, 90210